Anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you maybe link me to some cute boots? (Or just websites in general that sell cute clothes and/or shoes) I'm trying to kind of "recreate" my closet and I'm currently obsessing with boots. Preferably under $100! Thank you so much! xox

$99 Black Platform Boot

$75 Docs

$78 Docs

$99 Tall Black

$69 Tall Black

$99 Tall Brown

$94 Tall Brown

$90 Chelsea Boots

Happy Shopping babe!! xx For shoes I like department stores because they carry a ton of different nice brands and designs! xx

Anonymous asked:

I feel exactly the same way. I started liking the 1975 ever since 2013. And now that they are getting popular, I feel everybody is liking them just for attention. And it kinda makes me feel strongly annoyed. But I try to relax and let it pass. It's okay, people will do stuff to get noticed! Most are trend settlers. But if you stay true to yourself, you'll be fine. Don't worry other anon.

I understand it’s annoying, but just do you, their phase will pass :) xx